First, buy luxury goods in China, most of the young people under the age of 40, while in developed countries, the market leader in the 40 to 70-year-old middle-aged and elderly; in luxury consumption expenditures, China average luxury consumer spending accounts for about 20% of the income (the average of the world's luxury goods consumption is about 4% of the personal wealth), a higher proportion of the younger age groups among the 40% or even higher proportion of income to The pursuit of luxury.

Second, for the Chinese people, the luxury largely concentrated in the clothing, perfume, watches and other personal items in the United States and Europe, luxury houses, cars, family travel is longing. Combined with the Boston Consulting Group report, the disposable income of $ 1 million consumers is positioned as luxury consumer groups, although the new rich people in China are increasing, but most people in China's consumption of luxury goods can luxury consumer disposable income does not reach $ 1 million popular luxury luxury consumption, so study this income is increasing rapidly, the scale is also expanding middle class, for the marketing strategy of top international brands formulation plays a vital role.

If, on the stage in the middle and low domestic watch industry, there is still a considerable comparative advantage
The face of the ever-expanding social needs of high-end table, regardless of technology, capital, or brand resources, the country
The production table industry overall is Xinyou. Traditional luxury watch being ceded imports
Brand. Replace imported brand TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and other many quality products compared country
Within the the watches enterprise seem proudly cautious or even negative. Even in one seat luxury teen pop in the table is immune
The land, had to cling to watch a position in the lower popularity of the consumer class.
欧米茄大邪恶的合作轴向精密时计的人的表款之一,创造性地创建欧米茄大邪恶的手表在市场上。的手表有众多的选项是固定表圈功能,大幅表壳直径,  百年灵腕表功能的小时,分钟,秒和还日期。你可以找到大邪恶的手表,其中有一个黑色的鳄鱼皮表带的运动的观察是瑞士石英。这款手表是防水的,这意味着它们最终甚至更长右后与水。存在一个特定的欧米茄大邪恶的手表,可以掌握的兴趣远。欧米茄大邪恶的信誉为男人绝对是一个需要有对所有男性。它有不锈钢18K黄金的手镯。它有一个自动机芯及直径为36.5毫米的情况。

因此,新的Schwinn Airdyne演化比较运动自行车,旧型号相同类型的坚固耐用的设计。但是,你得到同样的性能,降低了噪音,少风也吹你。这是值得一试,如果你是一个坚固的自行车运动,只要你想蹬自行车运动可能会在市场上。在任一版本的Airdyne指出,为坚固耐用的设计和施工,寿命长下硬盘使用。自行车也有很多次被发现在健身房和俱乐部,因为他们会站起来最难的使用,导致几乎没有任何维护的麻烦,寿命长。不是最便宜的固定的自行车,他们提供良好的价值,因为艰难的建设,能够让乘客得到一个舒适的锻炼,平衡的锻炼和提高了健身的结果。